Beware the Bliss

When the fruits of labour ferment into liquid bliss, something odd occurs. You get drunk. You actually get drunk off the fruits of your labour.

How to know when enough is enough and too much is too much. I have been having a remarkably large amount of bliss in my practice lately. It is tricky to navigate such feelings. I am quite new to them in the yogic context. I’m certain that a majority of memorable experiences I though were bliss, were the intellectualisation of bliss – Which is super intoxicating but are inevitably counter-productive.

This yoga bliss is overwhelming though, it shatters and rebuilds over and over again. It expresses physically with shivers and spontaneous pulses of kinetic motion. It radiates beyond the skin and melts into the air.

It is overwhelming until it isn’t. Then it goes away.

What it leaves behind, the grasping nervous system and blank slate mind. The initial conditions of a human, before memories and environments come crashing back.

It is tricky because of the stories that come back when bliss settles. The flood of stories that hits you square in the chest. The Illusions.

Illusion is a terrible word, it’s violent. It implies cynicism and malevolence.

They are shades of you that are, by the mere fact of your existence, there. They are the final analysis of who you think you are up to the very moment you fell into bliss. Some things are still there, but some things are gone. At least for a while. You never rid yourself of anything. It hangs around always.

I think the difference to draw here, is that the shades of you which come back first after bliss, tend to radiate outwards from you. They also tend to have tremendous benefit to yourself as a human to shine and serve. If you can keep that going for as long as possible, even up to the next point of bliss, you give what no longer serves you little chance of entering the coveted post bliss state.

One can get very drunk off this peculiar effect.

There is a choice to be made, possible the greatest choice every conceived by the evolution of life on the planet.

What benefits you and what do you no longer require?

Entertaining the choice at this pivotal moment during a bliss-gasm is the final intoxicant of the fruits of labour. the notion of choice. The notion of plurality. The notion of partitioning the mind within, and partitioning your mind and body from the mind and body of the universe.

Entertaining the idea of Choice is the labour.

The Fruits of choice are irrelevant – Be they beneficial or aversive.

Attachment to the irrelevant outcomes of choice is the Illusion.

You are a deck of cards.

Every card reflects a part of you outwards.

You are allowed to re-arrange the cards as you move through life.

Detach yourself from the outcomes of the shuffle.

And suddenly, bliss comes knocking.


I totally understand if you are lost right now, I am too.

Trying to wrap any form of language around this stuff is doomed from the start. It defeats the purpose entirely. I’ve always wondered how dolphins speak to each other about such topics, if the even do. Maybe there’s some better creative language to express the ineffable, music or dance? Who knows.