Poem 001

There is an obvious path to love available in every moment.

Forget the word path.

It is a path for the sake of intelligibility, but no intelligence is required.

Every moment. Love is there, to find it – Forget the word.

Some moments are big, birth-death.

Some are small, sneeze.

It is not a path, stop thinking about direction.

Directionless GPS exists.



Forget the word, hear it, but forget it.

Not this word, all words.

Forget them.

And trust.

They always come back anyway.

It is not a path it is a dance.

The path to love is a dance.

Dancing with darkness………

floating with darkness?,






Flying, yes.

Flying through darkness, hands cupped at each side.

Forget all words and drink it. Drink the darkness. 

Experience it without words, stories, tales, yarns, memories.

Experience it. Lament it, feel it. Cry for it, expose it.

Forget it.

And find me there in love.