Barefoot Bandit

For as long as I can remember, I have relied on my toes for the majority of my balance. This was magnified and made extremely obvious during my first "all in" year of Yoga. I carried the weight of my inner turmoil in my toes, they were a strong and obvious source of tension both… Continue reading Barefoot Bandit

Jacking into Jellyland

Dissolution of the physical body during meditation is a remarkable quality of practice. However, I think it is an illusion. Have your hands ever dissolved into the air around them? Maybe your legs go to sleep? Or your face feels as though it has both expanded into infinity and contracted into the skull simultaneously. These… Continue reading Jacking into Jellyland

Riding Rails

Wake state, open eyed meditation is accessible to everybody. Often we fall into this trance-like flow without ever realising.  Have you stared at something for so long that your eyesight changes? Maybe the view become a little darker or the finer details begin to stand out. Perhaps you become aware of distant sounds and gentle… Continue reading Riding Rails